Le 13/05/2016 12:06, Nir Soffer a écrit :

Would there be any benefit thus any plan to add the feature to be able to
select the master domain, the same way we can do it with the SPM?

I don't know about any benefit.

There could be cases where we would want to free a storage domain from being
master, but without putting it into maintenance.


At multiple times, I had to do maintenance actions on the SAN side which are neither SUPPOSED to break anything, nor be visible by oVirt, but in case of failure, I would have been glad to choose which storage domain to preserve at all cost, though not putting any SD into maintenance.

It is often related to external actions not driven by oVirt, but as oVirt as a potential side-effect victim. (other examples related to network modifications)

We are working now on removing the master domain (part of spm removal). It is
unlikely that we will add any feature related to the master domain.

Well, I couldn't hope more, that will be perfect.

4.x ?

Thank you Nir.

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