I’m not quite sure about configuring the appliance with cloud-init. I think I 
might know what you mean. Maybe that is the part of the setup that did not 
happen for me.
I ended up creating my own hosted engine with a CDROM ISO to get me going today.
Thank you.

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Subject: Re: [ovirt-users] Hosted Engine Appliance hostname causing issues in 
production environment

Il 13 Mag 2016 1:29 AM, "Langley, Robert" 
<robert.lang...@ventura.org<mailto:robert.lang...@ventura.org>> ha scritto:
> Hello;
> I discovered, the hard way, that the appliance is configured with the 
> hostname of localhost.localdomain.localdomain
> It seems that something did not go well with the hosted-engine –deploy

Did you try configuring the appliance with cloud-init?
Can you please attach hosted-engine-setup logs?

> I can go into the engine VM and edit the hostname, but if for any reason I 
> need to poweroff the engine VM, I get in trouble. Because, then the hostname 
> goes back to localhost.localdomain.localdomain and both DHCP & DNS within our 
> enterprise/production environment ends up assuming that for the hostname to 
> IP address reference or record. And it seems that other linux systems (not 
> the ones I administer; none of my almost 50 systems are effected. Of those, I 
> have about 5 linux/UNIX based systems attached to the production network) are 
> going offline because of this.
> I assume they do not have their HOSTS file configured correctly, but they 
> (the other administrators) are not listening to me. I have already told them 
> what to look for, in order to fix the issue on their own systems, but they’ve 
> ended up with this now for the third time.
> This is because I work for a local government and we have various 
> administrators for the various agencies within our County government.
> I have unplugged my initial physical host from our County network and I think 
> I’m going to end up bringing up a physical engine host, then work on 
> converting that to a VM for a hosted engine. I hope that is going to work. I 
> tried bringing up the OVA of the appliance within VirtualBox, but that 
> doesn’t work. Is there another virtual software I can bring up within a 
> Windows PC to simply edit the hostname, then export the appliance again?
> I think the appliance for download needs to be changed to have something 
> other than “localhost.localdomain.localdomain” as the hostname in the 
> hosted-engine appliance. I downloaded the OVA file from the 
> Jenkins.ovirt.org<http://Jenkins.ovirt.org> site.
> Sincerely,
> -Robert
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