hi all,
I still have the lock error which I need some help to resolve. I found some 
posts used sanlock command. But I'm not sure if it fit in my case. Thanks in 
advance. libvirtError: Failed to acquire lock: No space left on 
vmId=`bd48bba5-4109-4a58-ac89-832add1f4de4`::Changed state to Down: Failed to 
acquire lock: No space left on device 

I wasn't able to bring up the hosted-engine on Node1 and I got the above error. 
 I was able to run `hosted-engine --start-pool` on Node2, but not Node1.
#hosted-engine --start-poolConnecting Storage Pool
Starting SPMf5f78fb8-42e3-46e5-93c2-6c3b00914048Activating Storage 
DomainResource timeout: ()

With the "Storage pool" up on Node2, I was able to start the hosted-engine.  
But when I try to active the Master storage domain called 'infra'
"Host cannot access the Storage Domain(s) <UNKNOWN> attached to the Data Center 
Default. Setting Host state to Non-Operational""Failed to connect Host to 
Storage Pool Default"
Tried again and I would get "Failed to activate Storage Domain infra (Data 
Center Default)"

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