You can attach host device directly from virtual machines tab -> select VM
-> host devices sub tab -> "add device" button.

But first you need to verify your BIOS is supporting intel VT-d or AMD vi.
And you also need to activate it in the kernel. The next link describes how
to do it:

note: Instead of adding "intel_iommu=pt" in the grub cmdline, add
"intel_iommu=on" or "amd_iommu=on".

Another thing worth mentioning, USB hotplug is not supported yet, so if
your programmable device is resetting the USB connection each time you
program it, the USB will be detached from the VM and you will have to
attach it again in order to see it.

On Sun, May 15, 2016 at 8:34 AM, Brett I. Holcomb <biholc...@l1049h.com>

> How do I get a VM to see USB devices?  If I understand it correctly I
> have to go to Edit VM -> Console and enable USB native.  I have the
> console options set to use usb.  However, I'm finding conflicting
> information.  Supposedly libvirt will allow sharing of a USB device
> over a network but to start with I'd be happy just being able to
> connect a usb device to the host and having it detected.  I have some
> programmable devices I'd like to program in Linux using my VM.
> Has anyone uses usbip and if so how well does  it work?
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