Host is a Dell PowerEdge 2950 with an Intel Xeon 5160 (Woodcrest) processor.
I'm stuck at the prompt, "Please specify the CPU type to be used by the VM []" 
during the deployment.
There is nothing to select. No compatible CPU type is shown.
The server is from 2008 and I'm needing to use these older servers to get 
started, before I can bring in the newer ones that are busy hosting VMs.
The other Dell PE 2950 is from 2007 and I was able to bring up the engine on 
that one. It is a Conroe CPU. I won't get into my mistake with that deployment. 
I'm working on recovering from that one.
I wanted to post about this, because I was trying to add this one (2008) as an 
additional host and it wouldn't add, due to the processor.
So, one question (in addition to the problem above) is whether or not I can use 
two hosts with two different processors for the hosted engine?
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