another data point.
Changing just owner to qemu doesn't help.
Changing just group to qemu does. VM starts fine after that.

On 05/18/2016 11:49 AM, Bill James wrote:
Some added info. This issue seems to be just like this bug:

I have verified that chown qemu:qemu of disk image also fixes the startup issue.
I'm using raw, not qcow images.

[root@ovirt2 prod a7af2477-4a19-4f01-9de1-c939c99e53ad]# qemu-img info 253f9615-f111-45ca-bdce-cbc9e70406df
image: 253f9615-f111-45ca-bdce-cbc9e70406df
file format: raw
virtual size: 20G (21474836480 bytes)
disk size: 1.9G
[root@ovirt2 prod a7af2477-4a19-4f01-9de1-c939c99e53ad]# ls -l 253f9615-f111-45ca-bdce-cbc9e70406df -rw-rw---- 1 qemu qemu 21474836480 May 18 11:38 253f9615-f111-45ca-bdce-cbc9e70406df

(default perms = vdsm:kvm)



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