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> From: "Roderick Mooi" <roder...@sanren.ac.za>
> To: users@ovirt.org
> Sent: Tuesday, May 17, 2016 12:59:03 PM
> Subject: [ovirt-users] Cannot sync networks
> Good day
> On oVirt 3.6.4 HE. I manually reconfigured host networks by doing the
> following:
> 1. Changed to global maintenance mode
> 2. Shutdown the hosted engine
> 3. on each host:
> a. systemctl stop ovirt-ha-agent && systemctl stop ovirt-ha-broker &&
> systemctl stop vdsmd
> b. updated /var/lib/vdsm/persistence/netconf/nets to match the required
> config
> c. updated ifcfg files to match
> d. rebooted each host
> 4. When all is up and running again, verified network connectivity and
> settings on each host - ok.
> 5. Logged into engine web UI - all hosts detected but show network
> out-of-sync (see attached example).
> 6. Individual sync / sync all networks runs for a while till login time out.
> Log back in and go to host - still shows out-of-sync (even next day or after
> rebooting again).
> 7. Eventually got one host to sync (not hosting any VMs and rebooted).
> 8. Whatever I try cannot get the other hosts to sync (even when moving all
> VMs off and rebooting).
> Any ideas? Do I have to manually edit the database and change the network
> settings for the DC - if so, how do I do this? (the host config is what I
> want - DC is old config.)

Syncing a network means applying the DC config on the host (overriding the 
actual host config).
Since as you mentioned, the DC config is old and not relevant,
I guess it is not working since you're trying to apply wrong 
address/gateway/netmask on the management network, it causes the engine lose 
connectivity to the host, and eventually ends up with a rollback.

What you need to do is to update the DC config to be same as the host config.
Since the out-of-sync properties in the attached image are address, gateway and 
netmask of 'ovirtmgmt',
you need to open the 'setup networks' dialog and edit the 'ovirtmgmt' network 
(clicking on the pencil icon).
In order to be able to edit the network, you first have to mark the 'sync 
network' checkbox in the dialog. Then modify the address/gateway/netmask to the 
host value.
Then click 'ok' and perform the setup networks ('ok' to the setup networks main 

> Alternatively, if I have to start all over again, what is the correct way for
> changing networks post HE install (I need this as the network for
> installation and testing looks different to the final production network)?
> Thanks very much,
> Roderick
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