I will reply to myself here.

Ubuntu 16.04 uses a different naming rules for it's network cards (no more 
ethXX). In the cloud image, they have a nic named ens3 wich defaults to DHCP 
(this is coded in file /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d/50-cloud-init.cfg).

The long delay in booting was in part due to the fact I had no DHCP server and 
I was trying to push a fixed IP address to eth0. So I ended up adding a DHCP 
server and using ens3 instead of eth0. Hope this helps someone.

Le Vendredi, Mai 27, 2016 12:13 EDT, "Claude Durocher" 
<claude.duroc...@cptaq.gouv.qc.ca> a écrit:
I'm trying to run a Ubuntu cloud image on oVirt 3.6. It works fine with the 
14.04 image or Centos 7 image but I have trouble with the 16.04 image : I have 
no network and cloud-init dont receive any data from oVirt. Also, the VM takes 
about 5 minutes to boot (then I cant login as cloud-init dont seem to work).
I've validated the 16.04 image : I can boot it fine on my workstation running 

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