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> Hi,
> I'm trying to find what are the different ways / approaches to automated
> users/groups creation, based on a LDAP/AD database.
> This is my first problematic : when a LDAP/AD provider is joined, and a
> user is created in ovirt from this provider, the user heritates a part of
> the attributes from this LDAP database. Now if I change one attribute on
> the LDAP side (for example "first name"), it isn't updated on the ovirt
> user.
> Would there be other way to update this information than creating /
> deleting the user ?

​Those informations should be updated after next login of the user. We did
synchronization in the past, but we decided not to do that any more due to
performance/sync issues.

> My second problematic is what should I use to automate creation of users.
> It seems possible with :
> - shell scripting : using ovirt-aaa-jdbc-tool

​This is usable only for users/groups in database​

​provided by aaa-jdbc extension

> - python SDK
> - java SDK
> - rest API
> Which one of these approaches would be the most simple ? I'm more familiar
> with shell scripting than other languages. That would be nice to find a way
> with it.
> Concerning ovirt-aaa-jdbc-tool, I've heard it was only adding/deleting
> users from the internal DB, not the others. In that case, is there a way in
> shell scripting to interact with other profiles than internal ?

​You can create as many aaa-jdbc profiles as needed, please take a look at
README.administrator inside aaa-jdbc package

> Is there files somewhere containing users and their informations I could
> modify ?
> What would happen if a user is in use and it is modified/deleted at the
> same time ?
> I know it makes a lot of questions, but I can't really get started before
> having those answers.

​We do not support modifying content of LDAP server, to do that you need to
use tools provided by your LDAP provider.

Martin Perina


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