I have followed these steps :

-          Stop supervdsmd + vdsmd + ovirt-ha-agent + ovirt-ha-broker

-          Modify config file

-          Copy files (cp better handles sparse files than rsync)

-          Umount old hosted-engine path

-          Restart services

-          Hosted VM doesn't start => hosted-engine -clean-metadata. I get an 
error at the end, but now I am able to start Hosted VM :

o   ERROR:ovirt_hosted_engine_ha.agent.hosted_engine.HostedEngine:Metadata for 
current host missing.

I can connect to oVirt interface, everything seems to be working fine, but the 
Hosted storage domain has an incorrect path, it is still pointing to old one... 
I think this information is not correctly reported by web interface, because 
this path doesn't exist anymore, and hosted VM is working !
Does anyone knows how to fix that ?

Lionel BEARD

De : Beard Lionel (BOSTON-STORAGE)
Envoyé : mercredi 1 juin 2016 10:37
À : 'Staniforth, Paul' 
Objet : RE: Moving Hosted Engine NFS storage domain


I'm trying to move Hosted storage from one NFS server to another.
As this is not a production environment, so I gave a try with no success, with 
a plan similar to yours.

But I don't like to stay on a failure, so I will give a second chance by 
following your plan :)

Lionel BEARD

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[mailto:users-boun...@ovirt.org] De la part de Staniforth, Paul
Envoyé : mardi 31 mai 2016 13:33
À : users@ovirt.org<mailto:users@ovirt.org>
Objet : [ovirt-users] Moving Hosted Engine NFS storage domain


         we would like to move our NFS storage used for the HostedEngine.

Plan would be

  *   enable global maintenance
  *   shut-down HostedEngine VM
  *   edit  /etc/ovirt-hosted-engine/hosted-engine.conf on hosts

     *   storage=newnfs:/newnfsvolume

  *   copy storage domain from old to new nfs server
  *   start HostedEngine VM
  *   run engine-setup on HostedEngine VM
  *   disable global maintenance

Has anyone had any experience doing this?

Have I missed any steps out

we are currently running oVirt 3.6.2


              Paul S.
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