I am using pxeboot with oVirt, which I believe uses ipxe as it's pxe
implementation. In our kickstart menu, we need to do a hostname lookup to
choose the appropriate local server as there are different boot servers in
different global locations. For this, we are currently relying upon the
'nslookup' command, which is available in Xen and VMWare pxe command sets,
but the oVirt/KVM one does not have this command enabled. I've tried a
workaround using php commands, e.g.:

 <?php $ip = gethostbyname('wds'); ?>
 set wds <?php echo $ip; ?>
 set net0/next-server ${wds}

However, this does not work. Is there a possibility to get the nslookup
function enabled in ipxe (apparently it is a compile time option). I could
probably recompile the pxe rom, and substitute it on my install, but then
when I update it will get clobbered.

Or is there another way of getting this functionality?


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