Apologies, it's XFS so would be an xfs_growfs

On Wed, Jun 1, 2016 at 10:58 AM, Matt Wells <matt.we...@mosaic451.com>

> Hi everyone, I had a quick question that I really needed to bounce off
> someone; one of those measure twice cut once moments.
> My primary datastore is on a gluster volume and the short story is I'm
> going to grow it.  I've thought of two options
> 1 - add a brick with the new space
> ** Was wondering from the gluster point of view if anyone had a best
> practice for this.  I've looked around and find many people explaining
> their stories but not a definitive best practices.
> 2 - as I'm sitting atop LVMs grow the LVM.
> ** This is the one that makes me a little nervous.  I've done many
> resize2fs and never had issues, but I've never had gluster running atop
> that volume and my VM's atop that.  Has anyone had any experiences they
> could share?
> Thanks all -
> Wells
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