> verify_leader 2 wrong space name
> 4643f652-8014-4951-8a1a-02af41e67d08
> f757b127-a951-4fa9-bf90-81180c0702e6
> /dev/f757b127-a951-4fa9-bf90-81180c0702e6/ids

> leader1 delta_acquire_begin error -226 lockspace
> f757b127-a951-4fa9-bf90-81180c0702e6 host_id 2

VDSM has tried to join VG/lockspace/storage-domain "f757b127" on LV
/dev/f757b127-a951-4fa9-bf90-81180c0702e6/ids.  But sanlock finds that
lockspace "4643f652" is initialized on that storage, i.e. inconsistency
between the leases formatted on disk and what the leases are being used
for.  That should never happen unless sanlock and/or storage are
used/moved/copied wrongly.  The error is a sanlock sanity check to catch

> s1527 check_other_lease invalid for host 0 0 ts 7566376 name  in
> 4643f652-8014-4951-8a1a-02af41e67d08

> s1527 check_other_lease leader 12212010 owner 1 11 ts 7566376
> sn f757b127-a951-4fa9-bf90-81180c0702e6 rn 
> f888524b-27aa-4724-8bae-051f9e950a21.vm1.intern

Apparently sanlock is already managing a lockspace called "4643f652" when
it finds another lease in that lockspace has the inconsistent/corrupt name
"f757b127".  I can't say what steps might have been done to lead to this.

This is a mess that's been caused by improper use of storage, and various
sanity checks in sanlock have all reported errors for "impossible"
conditions indicating that something catastrophic has been done to the
storage it's using.  Some fundamental rules are not being followed.

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