I was able to migrate the oVirt Engine from one host to another using engine-backup utility. On the new host, the data is loaded properly but the Administration Portal is terribly slow.

It take about 2 to 3 minutes to allow me to enter user name & password. Once logged in, it takes hell a lot of time to show up the data. Click on a tab, we need to wait for a good amount of time to see the actual data. Even the refresh is taking time to execute although it is set to 5 Seconds.

But if I enable old server and connect, every thing works quickly.


1. We do not have DNS in our environment.
2. Engine name & even the IP is retained the same.
3. Before migration, we stopped ovirt-engine on old server, took the backup, shutdown & disconnected the old server. 4. We installed the ovirt-engine on new server, run engine setup, noted down the DB password, did engine-cleanup, restored the data using engine-backup utility and executed engine-setup again. It did recognize restored data and only httpd configuration was sought and we selected the defaults.

Result is terribly slow Web Console.

First, we attempted to setup ovirt-reports and later removed it thinking that may be slowing down the engine server. Yet the same result.

Commands used to backup from old server: "engine-backup --mode=backup --file=<filename> --log=<log file name> --provision-db" Command used to restore on new server: "engine-backup --mode=restore --file=<backup-file-name> --log=<log-file-name> --change-db-credentials --db-host=localhost --db-user=engine --db-name=engine --db-password=<password noted down in step 4> --no-restore-permissions"

The command executed without any errors, resulting in a terribly slow web console.

Note: Without --restore-permissions, the restore fails. Did not understand what to give as restore permissions. Hence used --no-restore-permissions.

*Hardware configuration:*
**Old Server:* i3 Processor, 4 GB Memory, 1 Gbps NIC
*New Server :* Lenovo x3250 M5 Server with Intel Xeon Processor, 16 GB RAM, 2 X 1 Gbps NIC.

Just unable to understand why it is terribly slow.


Thanks & Regards,

Anantha Raghava

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