I believe the URL must be the following:

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I am trying to import and convert some VMWare guests from a VMWare cluster with 
vCenter version 6, to a KVM (oVirt) host. The KVM node (RHEL 7.2) has virt-v2v 
1.28.1, though I've also tried using Fedora 23 which has 1.32.4.

The details are:

vCenter server: nssesxi-mgmt
Datacenter name: North Sutton Street
esxi server which runs the VM: nssesxi-mgmt04
folder name: Systems
VM name: wvm2
cluster name: nssesxi

I tried via the 'Import' option in the oVirt GUI, and put the details above in, 
and after thinking about it for a while, it returns a 500 internal server 
error. As I'm authing against AD, I put my username as cam@ARDA. I have 
attached the log (gzipped).

I've also tried via the command line, and the result is much the same. I did 
post the below to the libvirt-users mailing list but have not had a response, 
so I thought I'd see if anyone here might know what is going on.

Unfortunately, spaces were put in the name of the datacenter, so I escape them 
with %20

So the final URI is constructed as:


The error I get is:

# virt-v2v -v -x -ic 
virt-v2v: libguestfs 1.28.1 (x86_64)
[   0.0] Opening the source -i libvirt -ic 
input_libvirt_vcenter_https: source: scheme vpx server nssesxi-mgmt
Enter ARDA\cam's password for nssesxi-mgmt:
libvirt: ESX Driver error : internal error: Could not find compute resource 
specified in '/Systems/North Sutton Street/nssesxi04-mgmt'
virt-v2v: error: internal error: invalid argument: cannot open libvirt

If reporting bugs, run virt-v2v with debugging enabled and include the
complete output:

  virt-v2v -v -x [...]

# virsh -c 
 list --all
Enter ARDA\cam's password for nssesxi-mgmt:
error: failed to connect to the hypervisor
error: internal error: Could not find compute resource specified in 
'/Systems/North Sutton Street/nssesxi04-mgmt'

I can access via http a list of VMs at the following URL:


Below is the URI to the vm itself (once shutdown, it gets the name 'vm2_1'):


Any ideas?


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