Hi list,
I'm trying a test installation of the new Ovirt Node Image and engine before
upgrading my 3.6 installation.

In my current environment every hypervisor access the NFS shared data domain via
infiniband. With a couple of vdsm hooks I was able to set the infiniband link in
connected mode and set a MTU of 65520. In my case the infiniband link is used as
a common NIC, I don't use RDMA, only IP over infiniband to access the data 

Now, when I attempt to setup host networking, the system try to bridge the
connection "ibstorage" (defined in networks tab) with ib0 device. But a non
ethernet device cannot be bridged that way and host networking setup fails.

Any idea or suggestion? With 3.6 (node and engine) all was fine.


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