I'm sorry. After looking thoroughly, the ordinary VM *did* migrated, the one that didn't migrate is the engine VM.

I've added agent.log & broker.log to the logs folder: https://app.box.com/s/ibi8pjxyxv4khek2menho1orumstek8y

On 7/7/2559 15:34, Wee Sritippho wrote:

Hi, I was trying to upgrade the hosted-engine environment from v3.6.5 to v3.6.7.

Upgrading host01 and host02 is OK. But when I was trying to put host03 (which has the engine VM in it) to maintenance mode, the process stuck - only the engine VM was migrated, another ordinary VM didn't.

I also noted that a lot of "Moving Host xxx to Maintenance" task was gradually created but didn't finished.

Here are the log files: https://app.box.com/s/ibi8pjxyxv4khek2menho1orumstek8y



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