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Le 01/12/2014 13:23, Juan Hernández a écrit :
On 12/01/2014 12:51 PM, Michael Pasternak wrote:
not sure what sdk version 3.4.4 is, but according to log, latest
official for 3.4 is
(make you have it installed)

There are two issues here. First is that the "move" disk operation on
the top level collection isn't correctly documented in the RSDL
metadata. As a result the Python SDK and the CLI don't support this
operation. You can however use the same operation in the context of the VM:

   # action disk {disk:id} move --vm-identifier {vm:id}

Please open a bug requesting a fix for this.



The other issue is that the 3.4 version doesn't support specifying disks
by alias, only by id. This has been fixed in 3.5.

So, all in all, at the moment you will need a command like this:

   # action disk c6aab66a-b551-4cc5-8628-efe9622c0dce move
--vm-identifier myvm --storage_domain-name mysd

Your workaround is working : thank you.


i know this is an old thread but i need to move a bunch of disks from one storage domain to another. I am unable to move disks with ovirt-shell as it seems it does not support moving disks when quota enabled and enforced on datacenter. Is that correct? Any help appreciated.

ovirt shell
action disk 689ce8fe-0d40-47e1-a933-7bae5ed0812b move --storage_domain-name NLSAS_PRIM
  status: 400
  reason: Bad Request
  detail: Cannot move Virtual Machine Disk. Quota is not valid.

I can move disks normally via webadmin.
Using ovirt-engine-cli-, ovirt-engine-

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