One of the things I don't like very much in oVirt is the LVM on Shared Block storage, but unfortunately there are no other options. One day perhaps a VMFS5 equivalent will come up somewhere.

I would avoid it and put a server in between the SAN and the oVirt Nodes and use NFS in order to abstract it, that would give you more flexibility and keep you away from LVM. But in your case if you don't have 10GbE interfaces you will loose on performance using 1GbE interfaces.

With regards the migration of VMs between different CPU families I'm not sure what is the tolerance of oVirt with it. Depending on the CPUs and the cluster types you may be able to do migrations.So I would keep different CPU families in different clusters.


Em 15/07/2016 07:07, Neil escreveu:
Hi guys,

I'm soon going to have the following equipment and I'd like to find the best way to utilise it....

1.) One NEW FC SAN, and 3 new Dell Hosts with FC cards.

2.) One OLD FC SAN with 2 older HP hosts with FC cards. (old VMWare environment)

3.) Another OLDER FC SAN with 2 older HP Hosts with FC cards. (old VMWare environment)

4.) I have an existing oVirt 3.5 DR cluster with two hosts and NFS storage that is current in use and works well.

Each of the above SAN's will only have FC ports to connect to their existing hosts, so all hosts won't be connected to all SAN's. All hosts would be the same Centos 7.x release etc.

All existing VM's are going to be moved to the option 1 via a baremetal restore from backup onto a NEW oVirt platform. Once installed I'd then like to re-commission 2 and 3 above to make use of the old hardware and SAN's as secondary or possibly a "new" DR platform to replace or improve on option 4.

Bearing in mind the older hardware will be different CPU generations, would it be best to add the older hosts and SAN's as new clusters within the same NEW oVirt installation? Or should I rather just keep 2, 3 and 4 as separate oVirt installations?

I know in the past live migration wouldn't work with different CPU generations, and of course my SAN's won't be physically connected to each of the hosts.

In order to move VM's between 1, 2 and 3 would I need to shut the VM down and export and import, or is there another way to do this?

Could LSM work between across all three SANS and hosts?

I know I can do a baremetal restore from backup directly onto either 1, 2 or 3 if needed, but I'd like to try tie all of this into one platform if there is good reason to do so. Any thoughts, suggestions or ideas here?

Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

Thank you


Neil Wilson.

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