On 19/07/16 10:38, Alexis HAUSER wrote:

Sounds like a possible networking problem. Have you assigned IP
addresses to the storage interfaces on this new host?
hum, What do you mean by storage interfaces ? The other host on the same 
network can access it.

If you're using
VLANs, are they set up correctly on your switch ports for the SAN network?

I don't use a server to share the iSCSI storage to the hosts, (I access it 
directly). Do I need it ? I saw that in the RHEV doc, on first part of the 
iSCSI section...

I don't understand. iSCSI is a network storage protocol. What do you mean by "I access it directly"? When you set up the first host with an iSCSI storage domain, you would have had to point it to an IP address, "discover" the LUNs and then attach to them. This sets up the domain.

On the second host, to access iSCSI storage you will have to have an interface (defined in "Networks" in oVirt) that can connect to the same IP and port the first host used.

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