Thank you!

That does do some interesting things, but doesn't appear to work.

I've added a new storage domain, merged the differences in the metadata file 
back to the old one and powered it up.  When I start up the nodes they 
endlessly report: VDSM ovirt-reqa1 command failed: (-226, 'Unable to read 
resource owners', 'Sanlock exception')

I tried reinstalling one of them and the error message continues.  At least for 
now I've restored the old config and the error is gone.


----- On Jul 22, 2016, at 3:06 AM, Milan Zamazal wrote:

| Logan Kuhn <> writes:
|> Am I correct in the assumption that importing a previously master data domain
|> into a fresh engine without a current master domain is supported?
| It's supported only in case the master domain was previously correctly
| detached from the data center.
| In case of an unexpected complete disaster, when a fresh engine is
| installed and used, it's still possible to recover the master domain in
| theory.  You must find `metadata' file in the master domain and edit it
| for the new engine.  It's completely unsupported and it may or may not
| work.  We don't have guidelines how to do it, but you may try to create
| a new master domain, then detach it and compare the two metadata files.
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