I create a cluster which already enabled ovs network as you mentioned , but 
when I create vm in this cluster,  I can only using ovirtmgmt/ovirtmgmt vNIC 
profile, which is still a Linux bridge.

I found no way to add a OVS vNIC profile,  I have to chose ovirtmgmt/ovirtmgmt 
vNIC to setup a VM. After VM is started, the vm is still using Linux bridge to 
communicate with outside, not the ovs.


Need I to create a ovs bridge or vport and bind it to physical NIC in vdsm 


Hope your reply as soon as possible.

Thank you



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Thank you


On Mon, Aug 1, 2016 at 11:07 AM, Dan Kenigsberg <dan...@redhat.com> wrote:

On Mon, Aug 01, 2016 at 02:02:52PM +0800, lifuqiong wrote:
> Hi, I upgrade my ovirt to version, how to using ovs in this version?
> Is there any instruction? Thank you

Please note and note well: OVS is not production-grade yet. It is only a
preliminary tech preview, under active development.

However, we'd be very happy to get your help in testing it (and possibly
fixing it, too).

When defining a new cluster, you should see a check box, letting you
select OVS for that cluster. 


To be precise, this is not a check box. In the Edit Cluster dialog, look at the 

type" option, and change "LEGACY" to "OVS".




After being checked, each VM network that
is defined in your cluster would be implemented with OVS instead of
Linux bridge.

As aluded before, there are plenty of known definciencies (e.g., no
persistence of ip config on VM network, no live migration, not all bond
modes, etc etc). But do not hesitate to raise other issues with the
devel mailing list.

Happy testing!

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