Multipath is more a SAN thing, - not a tcp/ip.
You should use something like LACP group on two (or more) of your network 
interfaces. Also you will have to configure your switch accordingly. You will 
not have to worry about second ip. LACP bonded interface will use one IP, but 
will fail-over to one of nics if needed.
From: James Michels 
Sent: Thursday, August 4, 2016 5:13 PM
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Subject: [ovirt-users] Multipath iSCSI with several IPs


I want to add an iSCSI based storage domain. For that I add a domain on the 
Storage tab with one of the IPs (say, but for failover purposes I'd 
like to use multipath to add a failover IP so if the first one fails, LUNs can 
be reached via the second (say

How can this be done in oVirt 4.0.1? I have not seen a way how to add the 
second IP for multipath purposes.

Thank you


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