We're running oVirt, and we're trying to grant a permission to a user on a VM. Thing is when we open the 'Permissions' subtab on that VM, we click on Add, the LDAP backend shows up but any value entered into the search box returns nothing, even when I know the values exist.

This has been working on oVirt 3.x, we actually migrated to 4.x last week and didn't notice this issue.

Additionally, there's no combobox to choose the permission to grant?

All this is done with the admin@internal user, so I guess this is not a self-permission issue.

Interesting thing is that I can successfully log-in to the user portal with a LDAP based user and manage all the VMs assigned to them.

Just to see if there's been any configuration change, we also run the ovirt-engine-extension-aaa-ldap-setup tool, the configuration it returns is pretty similar to ours, and even the test commands (Login, Search) work successfully (I can see search returning user's data like name, surname, ...). We even applied this configuration to engine to see if it makes a difference but the result is the same, the search dialog returns nothing and neither I can see the permission to grant.

Any hint about this?

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