On Thu, Aug 11, 2016 at 9:22 PM, Edward Clay <edward.c...@uk2group.com> wrote:
> Hello,  I need to edit a glusterfs storage domain to add the mount
> option " backupvolfile-server=SERVER" So when the primary servers IP is
> not accessible the remaining servers will be used to retrieve data
> stored on the gluster volume.  Right now when I try to edit the storage
> domain the mount options box is grayed out and not editable.  I recently
> had to take all vms down so I put the HV in maintenance mode and the
> edit options wasn't present.
> I need to understand if this is the correct option to make a glusterfs
> volume fault tolerant?


> Also I need to understand how to make this edit in the ovirt web
> interface or other method.

You need to put the storage domain in maintenance mode, and then
you can edit the gluster mount options.

This requires either shutting down all the vms using this storage, or
if you cannot afford any downtime, you can live-migrate the disks to
another storage domain, edit gluster options, and live-migrate the disks

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