Hi all,

I'd like to test iSCSI multipathing with OVirt 4.02 and see the following problem: if I try to add an iSCSI-Bond the host loses connection to _all_ storage domains.

I guess I'm doing something wrong. :)

I have built a small test environment for this:

The storage is provided by a freenas box with two dedicated interfaces for two separate iSCSI networks.

Each interface has one address in one network (no VLANs, no trunking). For each network there is one portal configured. Both portals point to the same target. The target has 4 LUNs.

The host also has two dedicated interfaces for iSCSI and finds the target over both portals, all LUNs are selected for use and show 2 paths.

My questions:

1) Is this setup ok or did I miss something?

2) The LUNs already show 2 paths (multipath -ll), one "active" and one "enabled", what difference would a Datacenter iSCSI-bond make?

3) What combination of checkboxes do I have to use?

Logical Letworks


Storage Targets

[ ] iqn.2005-10.org.freenas.ctl:tgt01   3260
[ ] iqn.2005-10.org.freenas.ctl:tgt01   3260

As stated in the beginning: all my tests made the host lose connection to all storage domains (NFS included) and I can not see what I am doing wrong.

Thank you very much!

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