On 08/16/2016 11:58 AM, Arsène Gschwind wrote:
> Hi,
> has anybody been able to configure Foreman with oVirt 4 ? When trying to
> add Foreman as an external provider and test the login it always return
> : Failed to communicate with the external provider, see log for
> additional details.
> On the Foreman side i get an SSO failed in the log, the user and
> password entered are correct.
> Running version:
> oVirt Engine Version:
> Foreman Version 1.12.1
> Please find the log extract attached.
> Thanks for any help/hint.
> Regards,
> Arsène

There are two important differences in version 4 of oVirt

1. The URL is now only /ovirt-engine/api (it used to accept /api and

2. There are two versions of the API now, v3, compatible with oVirt 3,
and v4, new and incompatible. Foreman only supports v3.

So, I'd suggest you try to use "https://.../ovirt-engine/api/v3"; in the
URL. Does that work? If it doesn't, can you provide more details? Log files?

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