Hi Juan,

Thanks! It works. 

One more question, do you know how to do ³save network configuration² in
the api? I did the following

Params.Action(force=1, check_connectivity=1, host_nics=host_nics)

but the gui says the network configuration is not saved. I can¹t find any
relevant params in the Action.


On 8/13/16, 5:09 AM, "Juan Hernández" <jhern...@redhat.com> wrote:

>On 08/13/2016 12:17 AM, Huan He (huhe) wrote:
>> Assuming the logical network ovirtmgmt has been configured in host NIC
>> enp6s0.
>> host = api.hosts.get(Œhost-123¹)
>> host_nic = host.nics.get(Œenp6s0¹)
>> How to get the logical network name ovirtmgmt?
>> I basically need to find ovirtmgmt is configured in which NIC.
>> Thanks,
>> Huan
>To do this first you need to find the identifier of the "ovirtmgmt"
>network of the relevant cluster (the same network name can be used in
>multiple clusters) and then iterate the network attachments to find
>which network interfaces are connected to that network. Something like
># Find the host:
>host_name = 'myhost'
>host = api.hosts.get(name=host_name)
># Find the identifier of the cluster that the host belongs to:
>cluster_id = host.get_cluster().get_id()
># Find the networks available in the cluster, and locate the one
># ones with the name we are looking for:
>network_name = 'ovirtmgmt'
>network_ids = []
>networks = api.clusters.get(id=cluster_id).networks.list()
>for network in networks:
>    if network.get_name() == network_name:
>        network_ids.append(network.get_id())
># Find the network interface of the host that has the network attached:
>nic_ids = []
>network_attachments = host.networkattachments.list()
>for network_attachment in network_attachments:
>    if network_attachment.get_network().get_id() in network_ids:
>        nic_ids.append(network_attachment.get_host_nic().get_id())
># Print the details of the nics:
>for nic_id in nic_ids:
>    nic = host.nics.get(id=nic_id)
>    print(nic.get_name())
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