We have an installation with 2 filers on CentOS 7.2 with the hosted engine
appliance. We use iscsi for our backend storage.

We have some issues

We had to dedicate an entire dedicated storage domain for the sole use of
the Hosted Engine appliance. Is this required ? Or can the Hosted Engine
appliance co-exist on another storage domain with VMs ?  I have not been
able to migrate the Hosted Engine VM to other storage. Because of this
limitation and to be efficient with our storage use, we asked our storage
admin to make a small iscsi LUN 20GB for the storage domain for the
appliance. However, we are constantly getting errors regarding low disk
space for this domain even though it has only the 10GB appliance.

Could this size problem be related to my problems with importing VMWare VMs
into our larger (Multi TB) storage using the Import tool in 3.6.

Thank You
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