This usually happens when SPM falls off or master storage domain was
unreachable for a brief period of time in some capacity. Your logs should
say something about an underlying storage problem so oVirt offlined or
paused the VMs to avoid problems. I'd check the pathway to your master
storage domain. You're probably right that something had another conflict
IP. This happened to me one time where someone brought up a system on an IP
that matched my SPM

On Aug 21, 2016 3:33 PM, "Matt ." <> wrote:

> HI All,
> I'm trying to tackle an issues on 4.0.2 that sunddenly all VM's
> including the HostedEngine are just down at once.
> I have also seen that all NFS shares are unmounted except the
> HostedEngine Storage, which is on the same NFS device as well.
> I have checked the logs, nothing strange to see there, but as I run a
> vrrp setup and do some tests also I wonder if there is a duplicate IP
> brought up, could this make happen the whole system to go down and the
> Engine or VDSM unmounts the NFS shares ? My switches don't complain.
> It's strange that the HE share is only available after it happens.
> If so, this would be quite fragile and we should tackle where it goes
> wrong.
> Anyone seen this bahaviour ?
> Thanks,
> Matt
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