thanks a lot for the update and information.


So it's not possible to download the source code anymore from Netapp, but if somebody on this mailing list have to source code, please let me know it would be very helpful I guess.

Why should I delete open source code completely and don't upload it to a public repository?



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        can someone told me, where I can find the Netapp oVirt Plugin
        (Storage Plugin) that was developed by Netapp in the past?

        It was developed upstream in oVirt and I'm interested in the
        source code, because we're planning something similar with our
        Open Source Storage called openATTIC and it would be very
        helpful if we can look into that "old" code.

        Thanks a lot


    Last time I saw it discussed here it was not an happy post...:


    I don't know if it changed in any way in the mean time.

    In particular I doubt it was released as open source, also when in


Of course at the captainkvm link referred in the oVirt post:
you also can see the answers provided in the comments section. Just to be complete. It seems that now anyway there is a problem. Last comment on March 2016 was:
Hi Christopher,
Unfortunately, I think funding became a problem for NetApp. Also, 2 of the 3 primary people behind the plugin left NetApp for Red Hat, so….
I just went to Netapp support site some minutes ago (I have a Netapp account, even if I don't use Netapp with oVirt), but in software download section for VSC dropdown there is now only "VMware vSphere".


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