I have a small DC running with OVirt 4.0.3 and I am very pleased so far. The next thing I want to test is VDI, so I:

- installed a Windows 7 machine
- ran sysprep and created a template

On my hosted-engine I ran:

   # ovirt-engine-extension-aaa-ldap-setup

where I chose '3 - Active Directory' and entered a non-admin-user for LDAP-Queries and successfully tested a Login.


   # engine-config -s SysPrepDefaultUser=admin
   # engine-config -s SysPrepDefaultPassword=interactive

This is my first problem: this supposedly is for the creation of the local admin account on the windows machines, right? These values do not have any effect: the web dialog for pool creation doesn't know about the password and the DefaultUser is created as "user" instead of "admin". Do I have to create a custom sysprep file and insert it into the web dialog to override these settings? Is there any other way to configure this?

The second problem is: when I create a pool based on my Windows 7 template, how do I manage to automatically join the newly created virtual machines to our Active Directory? Where can I set the credentials of a domain admin that joins the machines to the domain?

Thank you in advance,
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