Michal Skrivanek <michal.skriva...@redhat.com> writes:

>> > I'm afraid that we are not yet ready to backport it to 4.0 - we found
>> > out that as it is, it break migration for vmfex and external network
>> > providers; it also breaks when a buggy Engine db does not send a
>> > displayNetwork. But we plan to fix these issues quite soon.
> which “buggy” engine? There were changes in parameters, most of these issues
> are not relevant anymore since we ditched <3.6 though.
> Again it’s ok as long as it is clearly mentioned like "3.6 engine sends it in
> such and such parameter, we can drop it once we support 4.0+"

I think Edward means the problem when there is no display (and
migration) network set for a cluster in Engine.  This may happen due to
a former bug in Engine db scripts.  Vdsm apparently falls back on
ovirtmgmt in most cases so the problem is typically unnoticed.  But when
you look for displayNetwork explicitly in Vdsm, it's not there.

The bug may affect 4.0 installations until a db upgrade fix is created
and backported.
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