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> Subject: [ovirt-users] how to create vm from snapshot via ovirt-shell (ovirt
> 4.0)

> Hi ovirt expertise

> i am new to ovirt, i now start install and play around.

> i unable find any doc from web site to create vm from snapshot via
> ovirt-shell (ovirt 4.0) , any help on this.
> i mange to create vm from snapshot via webui

> i would like to perform backup vm via api by using ovirt-shell. i have
> totally no knowledge on python

> ideal as below:

> create snapshot
> #add snapshot --parent-vm-name "rhel6.8_server02" --description 'my snapshot'

> create vm from snapshot
> ## missing, need help


you mean you want to start a VM with the snapshot attached? 

Perhaps this page could help 


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