Hi Guys,

I encountered an unfortunate circumstance today. Possibly an achillies heel.

I have three hypervisors, HV1, HV2, HV3, all running gluster for hosted engine support. Individually they all pointed to HV1:/hosted_engine with backupvol=HV2,HV3...

HV1 lost its bootsector, which was discovered upon a reboot. This had zero impact, as designed, on the VM's.

However, now that HV1 is down, how does one go about replacing the original HV? The backup servers point to HV1, and you cannot readd the HV through the GUI, and the CLI will not readd it as it's already there... you cannot remove it as it is down in the GUI...

Pointing the other HV's to their own storage may make sense for multiple instances of the hosted_engine, however it's nice that the gluster volumes are replicated and that one VM can be relaunched when a HV error is detected. It's also consuming less resources.

What's the procedure to replace the original VM?

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