I've been testing out oVirt 3.6 the past few weeks and feel that I've finally got a good grasp on it but there are still a few issues / questions that I hope some of you may be able to help out with.

1. I have a problem directly connecting to a hypervisor and their VMs, I've followed the documentation and also tried various methods posted online but still now luck... this is what I've been trying: https://www.ovirt.org/documentation/how-to/guest-console/connect-to-spice-console-without-portal/

I'd like to have a backup way of accessing the hypervisor if there are problems with the portal if we need to troubleshoot anything local, can someone provide examples of the various access methods you have successfully set up and details of the commands/urls/paths used including any password setup/configs needed?

2. Is 4.x backwards compatible? Is it possible to add a 3.x hypervisor to a 4.x hosted engine? What are some of the clear advantages and upsides to starting with 4.x rather than 3.6?

Thanks in advance!

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