We've got a problem with a critical machine which running Oracle Database and 
if someone can help us it would be very nice.

Our VM is running rhel 6.5 and is configuring with 16 cores (2 virtual socket 
with 8 virtual cores) and 240Gb.

This virtual machine is running perfectly on the first host R620 : two cpu 
E5-2695 v2 - 12 cores on each cpu -  and 384Gb of memory.

We wan't to move this virtual machine on a new server, Transtec with two  
E5-2650 v3 - 10 cores on each cpu - and 256Gb of memory. We have encountered 
high cpu usage on this host.

Both servers are running centOS 7.2 and ovirt 3.6. We have already identified 
that on the node, many < migrate/N > are causing high cpu usage.

We have tried few options :

-       Pass-Through Host CPU

-       Configure NUMA : numa node count = 2, numa pinning
The first day the machine was running, everything is ok and migrate threads 
disapeared, but on the second day, high cpu and migration thread were back. 
Oracle services are being restarted everyday for cold backup but not the 
virtual machines.

I don't know if looking in the Numa options is a good idea and I don't why the 
everything is running ok on the R620 (perhaps the available memory)

Thank you for your advices.


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