Hello oVirt community, 

When listing virtual machines, is there a quick way to see how much RAM/CPU 
each machine has? 

In oVirt 4.0.4, I can see ram/cpu usage in a very nice way, but I can not 
access easily the total RAM and number of CPUs. 
The only way to find this information in GUI is to edit a vm and see the system 
tab (and that's when the "edit" context menu is available, which is not always) 

Am I missing something? 
This information is very usefull and sometimes critical (when migrating VM to 
hosts which are already low on free RAM, specially when balloning is involved) 

I would like to see this information always on screen, like a (un)checkable 
column... does it seem doable ? 
Maybe it would be possible to show it while hoovering the memory/cpu 
information with the mouse ? 

Please forgive me if this is not the rigth place to post this question/request. 

cordialement, regards, 

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