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if a OVirt snapshot is illegal we might have 2 situations.

1) qemu is still using it - lsof shows qemu access to the base raw and the
delta qcow2 file. -> E.g. a previous live merge failed. In the past we
successfully solved that situation by setting the status of the delta image
in the database to OK.

2) qemu is no longer using it. lsof shows qemu access only to the the base
raw file -> E.g. a previous live merge succeded in qemu but Ovirt did not

How to clean up the 2nd situation?

It seems that you will have to first clean up the engine database to
remove references to the snapshot that no longer exists.  Then you
will need to remove the unused qcow2 volume.

Unfortunately I cannot provide safe instructions for modifying the
database but maybe Ala Hino (added to CC:) will be able to help with

One you have fixed the DB you should be able to delete the volume
using a vdsm verb on the SPM host:

# vdsClient -s 0 deleteVolume <sdUUID> <spUUID> <imgUUID> <volUUID>

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