On 13/10/16 09:01 +0300, Dan Kenigsberg wrote:
On Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 11:52:17AM +1100, David Pinkerton wrote:

Looks like its crashing on the dmidecode system call.

I've attached the output from gbd as well as a dmidecode text dump,
dmidecode binary dump and each keywords run individually.

>From the keywords it look like my dmi info is corrupted.  I have download a
AMI dmi editor but this only allows access to limited fields.  Do you know
another tools to rewrite the dmi info?

I don't. But whatever is inside your dmi, dmidecode must not crash.
Which version of python-dmidecode do you have installed?
Would you open a bug against it?

This is really unfortunate - I've reproduced the issue with the
attached dump and it's python-dmidecode that crashes. The issue is
actually fixed upstream, but the version at least in RHEL does not
contain the fix.

RHEL version:

works with (actual upstream):
(actually it's ~6 line change in dmioem.c)

VDSM output:
# vdsClient 0 getVdsHardwareInfo
       systemFamily = 'To Be Filled By O.E.M.'
       systemManufacturer = 'Supermicro'
       systemProductName = 'H8DM8-2'
       systemSerialNumber = '1234567890'
       systemUUID = '00020003-0004-0005-0006-000700080009'
       systemVersion = '1234567890'

Although the upstream version of python-dmidecode is able to deal with
improper DMI tables, I can't say what else will/will not behave correctly.


I believe that its maintainers would appriace a simple reproducer, that
does not involve ovirt or Vdsm. See if you can simplify the code in

def __leafDict(d):
   ret = {}
   for k, v in d.iteritems():
       if isinstance(v, dict):
           ret[k] = v
   return ret

def getAllDmidecodeInfo():
   import dmidecode

   myLeafDict = {}
   for k in ('system', 'bios', 'cache', 'processor', 'chassis', 'memory'):
       myLeafDict[k] = __leafDict(getattr(dmidecode, k)())
   return myLeafDict
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