Hi David,

Storage is associated with a particular data center, so if they are on the same 
data center they will have access to the same storage.

The Red Hat documentation on the commercial supported version RHEV (now RHV?) 
is a lot more comprehensive; the equivalent oVirt documentation is pretty 
sparse and uneven, so it’s understandable you never would have been introduced 
to that concept. You need an active subscription to access the KB articles but 
the basic documentation is freely available and it’s a good resource, as most 
things are going to be common on RHV vs. oVirt:



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Date: Thursday, October 13, 2016 at 9:08 AM
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Subject: [ovirt-users] Multi cluster question with regards to storage

I've not yet found a clean concise answer and so I wanted to ask before I start 
trying to play with things in my test setup and waste a bunch of time maybe.

If I have 2 clusters in one data center each running different cpu types 
(amd/intel) can they both access the same shared storage domain(gluster in my 

I'm not interested in live migration between the clusters really, though 
stopping and starting on another would be nice.  I've tried looking at various 
threads and list emails and I've found some mentions of it, but usually as an 
aside while discussing other matters so I could never quite say for certain it 
was working or not.

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