I have an ovirt 4 cluster. with two gluster storage domains.  The old
domain is on a 1G network and the new one is on 10G.  While migrating disks
I accidentally removed the dom_md  directory  in the new storage domain.

Is there a process to recreate this directory.  I have moved about 28 disk
images, the domain is marked as down but the VM with disks in there are
still up.

I have seen examples of rebuilding the dom_md/ids file using sanlock direct
init, but I do not know if it is possible to rebuild the entire directory
this way, and before I commit myself so shutting down all the hosts I'd
like to make sure there us a good chance of success,

If this is not possible is there a way of importing the disk images , I
tried copying them to the export domain but they do not show up in the

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