I am installing on a 3 node cluster, with gluster as my storage. Each node
has a pair of bonds. At the moment, my intention is to use bond0 for all VM
traffic, with management (and thus ovirtmgmt) on bond1 along with Gluster

Sadly hosted-engine --deploy dies saying:

Failed to execute stage 'Misc configuration': Failed to setup networks
{'ovirtmgmt': {'ipaddr': u'', 'netmask': u'',
'bonding': 'bond1', 'bootproto': u'none', 'gateway': u'',
'defaultRoute': True}}. Error code: "-32603" message: "Attempt to call
function: <bound method Global.setupNetworks of <API.Global object at
0x38e5050>> with arguments: ({u'ovirtmgmt': {u'ipaddr': u'',
u'bonding': u'bond1', u'netmask': u'', u'bootproto': u'none',
u'gateway': u'', u'defaultRoute': True}}, {},
{u'connectivityCheck': False}) error: 'NoneType' object is not iterable"

Is my way of configuring my network even possible? Or do I need to re-think
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