In a clean environment configured in 4.0.5 I used VNC for hosted engine VM
console during setup.
In web admin gui I see that the graphics protocol for the Hosted Engine VM
is indeed VNC and Video Type VGA.

I have verified that if I configure a VM with VNC graphics (video type both
cirrus and vga tried) I'm able to connect to it with remote-viewer from
Linux client and with virt-viewer in a W2012 client.
A part from the usual command
 hosted-engine --add-console-password
and related vmcviewer one from console, can I connect  to the VNC engine
console also from web admin gui?
Both from Windows and Linux I get error

Unable to connect to the graphic server

Unable to connect to the graphic server /tmp/mozilla_g.cecchi0/console.vv

Can I setup console to spice after install? And in case can I connect to
its console from webadmin gui then?


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