Hi Ovirt Jedi´s !!!

First of all, congrats about the product !!! I love Ovirt !!!

I am using Ovirt 4.0.4 with 10 hosts and 58 virtual machines on two
Active-Active Datacenters using two EMC Vplex + two EMC VNX5500 + eight
Dell Blades + 8 Dell PowerEdge M610 and two M620 Servers.

Half servers are on Site 1 and Half servers on Site 2. The same with VMs.
All Sites work as one and have redundant network, storage, power, etc etc
etc ...

I want to know what is the best way to set that VM number 1 runs on Site 1
and VM number 2 runs on Site 2 ?

On Vmware 5.1 we use DRS Group Manager and on Hyper-V we use Custom
Properties on hosts and on VMs. What we use on oVirt without segregate on
two different Datacenters or two different clusters ?

Thanks in advance.
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