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We use in production a dedicated 10G vlan link for live migration. In the cluster option tab I put the migration bandwidth limit to 10000 Mbps. Everything work as expected and now 25 vms on a host migrate in a few seconds (excatly 13), but I'm not able to measure the real consumed bandwidth. I want to evaluate such a thing beacuse my goal is to dedicate a vlan for gluster ont the same 10G nic, and I don't want an overload issue with gluster when vms migrations happen.

So my questions are : how does live migration work? Is it a RAM to RAM transport between two hosts? Are migration bandwidth limited by I/O disk anywhere or by the nic capabilities? Could 10Gbps be fully used for such staff? What would you advice to make work gluster and migration on the same nic (QoS?)

Thank you for help.

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