Thanks Yaniv, i read about image io streaming after send that email, i will use it for my project.

I will explain to you what I'm trying to do:

- I'm creating a software to make full backup and restore of VMs using python and the backup/restore api

- The main difference is, i want to have the option to make a full restore or granular restore.

- The backup process is:

    - Create snapshot off the vm

    - Mount snapshot disk to a "backup vm"

    - Identify device name of that disk, this means "/dev/vdc" and so on.

    - Create a qcow2 image from disk

    - Get vm configuration in a xml file

    - Create a compressed file from both files

    - Detach disk from backup vm

    - Delete the snapshot

- The full recovery process is:

    - Upload the qcow2 files throw image io api

    - Create a new vm based on the xml file

- The granular recover process is:

    - Mount the qcow2 image to as a loop device

    - Copy files

I will create a kind of new format, this "new format" will be a .tgz file with:

    - qcow2 images, ordered by number, example:

        - 00-vm.qcow2

        - 01-vm.qcow2

    - the vm xml file

I working on this a few days ago, so if you are interested it will be a pleasure to me provide a solution to the community.

I will share this project when it's works at least the full backup/restore function

I love oVirt but the my main problem is create backup and share those VMs between DataCenters

So i decided to create a software to make oVirt even more powerful

About me: I'm not a developer, so be patient, I'm a sysadmin, actually a Red Hat Certified Engineer and VMWare Certified Associate

On 30/11/16 08:26, Yaniv Dary wrote:
It is planned to be replaced with the image IO streaming API.
With this API you will be able to upload and download VMs disks and snapshots. We are also planning to add OVA download and upload in one of the next releases.
Until this is done we will not be removing the export domain.

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On Sun, Nov 27, 2016 at 5:37 PM, Victor Jose Acosta < <>> wrote:

    Hello everyone, i got some questions to you

    Export domain will be deprecated so, how do i import a ova from
    another oVIrt to my own oVirt?

    i will explain to you what I'm trying to do, i got oVirt in 3
    different sites, and I'm creating a python based backup software
    for oVirt 4.x, what i want to do is create a OVA or OVF file as
    backup and send it to my other site, it's a kind of disaster
    recovery strategy.

    With oVirt 3.x, i do it creating a ova file then import that .ova
    file using ovirt-image-uploader, but in oVirt 4 that tool will be
    deprecated also, so how do i export a .ova or .ovf file from other
    oVirt to my own

    Thanks in advance
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