I understand, you mean a single file restore use case.
This is usually done by a agent in the VM and not externally, since
changing the file system externally can cause corruption.

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On Wed, Nov 30, 2016 at 3:47 PM, Victor Jose Acosta <vic.a...@gmail.com>

> Ok ok
> When you make a full restore you have a whole new VM, but what if you just
> need  just one directory? "/etc/puppet/environments" for example
> So there is where granular backup works, because if you don't have that
> option you will have to restore the whole VM, copy that directory, then
> delete the restored VM
> I don't know if my english is good enough to explain perfectly, but do you
> understand my point?
> On 30/11/16 10:36, Yaniv Dary wrote:
> I believe that both full and granular restore can be done via the API as
> we support offset uploads, can you give more details on the different
> between these options?
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