On 12/15/2016 03:35 AM, Gervais de Montbrun wrote:
Hi all,

I had to reinstall one of my hosts today and I noticed an issue. The error message was:


      o Cannot edit Host. You are using an unmanaged hosted engine VM.
        Please upgrade the cluster level to 3.6 and wait for the
        hosted engine storage domain to be properly imported.

I am running oVirt 4.0.5 and have a hosted engine and Cluster and Data Center say that they are running in 4.0 compatibility mode, so I don't understand this error. I did get the host setup by running `hosted-engine --deploy` and walking through the command line options. Alarmingly, I was warned that this is deprecated and will not be possible in oVirt 4.1.

Any suggestions as to what I should do to sort out my issue?

Hi Gervais,

Have you imported hosted_storage into your environment. I have hit this issue when i did not have hosted_storage domain and hosted_engine vm imported into my setup.


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