Thanks,it seems that it must keep powermanager powerful to maintain HA

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On Sun, Dec 4, 2016 at 9:30 PM +0800, "Yaniv Dary" 
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The manager is handling the HA. Without it the HA will not work.
I suggest to use self hosted engine to give the manager HA.

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发送时间: 2016年12月1日 13:37
主题: about vms can't migrate automatically in HA

hello,my enviroment :
host A : engine ,
host B : compute,host of cluster
host C : compute,host of cluster
And run a vm in host B,mount nfs on host B
i use A to provide nfs storage to host B and C as shared storage.i just want to 
realize HA without any mannul operation.

the problem is:
1,i just satified the condition of HA ,like configure power manager,vm HA 
parameters...and keep default else.
if i just maintenance host B,it works well to migrate vm,okay.

And then i power down by power manager,it seems that vm can run on host C until 
host B reboot by power manager,but it also works,it is weird ,through host B is 
down,i expect host C will mount nfs automatically ...

2, i force to power failure host B,the result is:

host B and C both turn to Non Responsive,and the storage is down,everything is 
bad ..are there some place i ignore?

it make me feel helpless.
best regard.

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